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Jan 25, 2011 at 04:21 PM

Time Used in a process order


Hi Gurus,

Can someone explain me how can I achieve the following:

1) How can I tell the system (after confirming the order) how much time was used in that PROCESS ORDER (what is the Tcode)

2) In which step (is it after GR of FG before GI of components or other?) should I enter the time confirmation mentioned above?

3) This time confirmation I'm talking about is needed to calculate the cost, I need that manually the production supervisor input the system how many people worked in that production order and how many hours, is this possible?

4) What master data I need to achieve this? do I need work centers? do I need routings?

Thanks a lot all your inputs would me highly appreciated

NOTE: Im using process orders, and manual issue, not backflushing