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Jan 25, 2011 at 01:25 PM

Holiday vrs Calendar


HI All

We have a 14 days holidays called "extra holidays" which are apart from Public/ bank holidays.

These 14 days are listed in absences & quotas . every year Company decides when to take these holidays example

7 days around Christmas & 7 days around Easter.

These are not applicable to entire company thatu2019s the reason not included in holiday calendar.

For those employees to whom these holidays are uploaded in IT2001 for them its paid mandatory holidays (just like bank holidays).

Issue is these extra holidays are always given in 1 week block from MONDAY - FRIDAY. Employees working in shifts like one week night shift, next week morning shift, then again night shift, then morning shift...

For these employees the rotation should stop if 1 week u201Cextra holidaysu201D assigned

Example : I work this whole this week (week 1) morning shift, expected as per work schedule rule to come night shift next week (week 2).

If next week (week 2) is given "Extra holiday" . The then alternate week (week 3) I should come Night shift.

But SAP work schedule rules says for me to come in Morning shift in (Week 3)

Could you please suggest me how to handle this in SAP. remember this only for employees working in shifts not for entire organization.