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Jan 25, 2011 at 12:30 PM

Hyperlink issues when merging RPTs into 1 RPT


Hi All,


We have a requirement such that we will have to combine 2 or more RPTs into 1 RPT such that the output of the combined RPT looks like output of the first individual RPT and then the output of second individual RPT.

Our ActionPlan:

We are planning to have the individual RPTs as subreports in the Detail section of the main RPT. There is a query in the main RPT which will return us rows equal to the number of reports to be merged in the main report. The main query returns a unique ExecutionId for each individual report and we are using a GroupExpert on this ExecutionId so that the multiple subreports, present in different DetailSection of the main RPT gets executed and we get the desired result.

We have different PageHeaders corresponding to individual RPTs. Also these PageHeaders have text controls which require a hyperlink to be done to the subreports.

Issues Faced:

1) Since the Group is on ExecutionId ,when we make a hyperlink(To another report object) from the PageHeader to the Details section subreport then it opens a new tab which is actually containing the entire data for that particular ExecutionId. Can I avoid the opening of the Hyperlink in the new tab?

2) The subreport can be clicked and viewed as a new tab in the Preview.This is a default behaviour of Crystal Reports. Can the opening of subreports in a new tab be avoided and they should not prompt for any Hand or something so that the user never clicks it?

Thanking you all in anticipation....