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Jan 25, 2011 at 12:12 PM

values from structured objects



I'm not a developer and I have no intention to understand ABAP objects. I can only write a procedural things using modules and such.

But I need to write a code to get some values from a higly structured object. Here is my problem in detail.

I have a FM called ISM_ECP_KPI_GET_COST_ESTIMATE which returns the parametr EX_CE of type "class" CL_COST_ESTIMATE. This class has an atribute NUMBER_SERVICE which is type "class interface" CL_COST_COMPONENT_NO_SERVICE. This class interface has an atribute T_COMPONENTS which is of table type CKF_NS_COMPONENT_TABLE. This has a line type (structure) CL_COSTING_COMPONENT which again leads to another class interface;(

And finaly here, this class interface has an atribute PRICES where are my values. There are usually more lines in the atribute T_COMPONENTS and I need to access one by one to get the price from it.

Can anybody please help me out here and advice some ABAP coding how to access the data?

Thanks to anybody contributing.