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Jan 25, 2011 at 08:09 AM

Automatic debit note for vendor


Dear All:

We often face the case of excess invoicing from vendor for materials supplied. Material supplied is often in GAS cylinders which are send to supplier for refilling again and again. Every time cylinders are send they contain some amount of gas in them before getting refiled. I can elaborate the case as

Cylinder Capacity: 10 Kg

1st time filled by vendor : 10 kg @ 200 Rs per kg (correctly invoiced)

Cyilnder gas consumed in process and send for refill ( at that time there was 1 kg gas left in it )

2nd time refill: 10 kg (here dispute arises vendor claims money for 10 kg refilled but infact 9 kg was filled)

So we want to give vendor debit note automatically against materials. Please guide how to proceed to do the configure it. Note FB65 id of no use to us.