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Jan 25, 2011 at 07:23 AM

Workflow triggers from SWUE and not from ME51N.


Dear all,

I have created a purchase requisition IDoc generation workflow which triggers from SWUE and behaves as expected.But, it is not triggering from ME51N.No entries are seen in SWEL(Trace is switched on at SWELS).I am using BUS2105 with event created and changed.

For the event CHANGED, the workflow behaves as expected from ME52N.

Business object is properly released and generated.Change document 'BANF' at SWEC is selected.In SWED, it was not checked for 'On Create'.So, I manually checked it.Is it O.K ?

Event linkage is active.No start condition/check function module is with workflow.

The BAdI which is used to trigger the workflow is ME_REQ_POSTED.It's implementation is active.

I checked at SWU2,SM58,ST22 and SM21.There is no entry in these transactions.I refreshed buffers at SWU_OBUF and PPWFBUF.

When the workflow triggers from SWUE for the event CREATED ,why it is not triggering from ME51N ?

Please help me to trigger the workflow from ME51N for which I will be grateful forever.