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Jan 25, 2011 at 03:21 AM

Maintenance Optimizer - SMSY (ABAP + JAVA)


Hi gurus,

I will try to explain what is my doubt/problem.

We have a system ECC 6.0 with both stacks ABAP + JAVA. We want to do a support packages update, so I went to maintenance optimizer (MOPZ) and I choose that system, but during the process, after I select the SPS 18, in the end of MOPZ process, only ABAP packages (stack 18) were calculated! Which means the JAVA support packages was not maintained in Download Basket! Why?!

I would expect that process on MOPZ did this calculation for both stacks ABAP and JAVA together, but not, there is only ABAP packages in Download Basket!

Because I also want to do JAVA support packages Update (with JSPM)!

I guess this is a problem in SMSY... in Instance definition, isn't it?

Can you help me please?!

Thank you

João Dimas - Portugal