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Jan 25, 2011 at 02:43 AM

Java CI Installation stopped - Error : Couldn't connect to remote DB


We are installing NW7.0 SR3 SUSE/Oracle platform on a distributed environment for a Java stack appliation and the CI Install stopped on the step -- Start Java engine when the system is not abel to communicate with remote database running on DB server. We Installed Oracle SQLPlus clinet on the CI Server and the connection at sqlplus level work from CI to DB. But the Installer fail to make connection test to database and the sapinst.log has the following Information.


J2EE Database is not available via test

See logfile /usr/sap/fd1adm/JdbcCon.log

Database FD1 must be started on remote server

Log on to remote server and start database



fd1adm> more /usr/sap/fd1adm/JdbcCon.log

Start: Mon Jan 24 15:55:29 PST 2011

Error: Couldn't connect to DB Could not load class


The Environment of the system is given below :

OS : SUSE Linux (SLES 10 SP03)

NW : 7.0 SR3

Usage types : AS Java

Database : Oracle

Hardware : Dell X86_64

JDK : IBM JSE 1.4.2 SR13

Media : Downloaded from Market Place.


Steps for Reconstruction

1. Install Central Services Instance on CI Server. ( Installed correctly )

2. Install Database on DB Server ( Installed and Patched Correctly )

3. Invoke Central Instance Install on CI Server by selecting only AS Java.

4. During running Phase :Start java engine the system encounter the error and stop the Installation.

What would be the cause of DB connectivity Issue ? Are there any tools on Java stack to test DB conenctivity from CI ? SQLPLUS and Telnet on Oracle listener port works correctly from CI to DB Server but the sapinst couln't recognoze the database ....

What could be the reason for database connecivity failure during the CI Installer ? Any specific logs to look for other than the one listed above ?

Edited by: Rukmangada Peddamallu on Jan 25, 2011 3:43 AM