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Jan 24, 2011 at 02:33 PM

ALV Display retains/shows prior document values


We have a scenario in which our user can generate an ALV output from a transaction screen. After processing that ALV, the user can back out (green arrow back) to the document input screen and enter a new document number. Upon selection of the ALV display, SAP displays the ALV container/report for the 1st document. At the time of Create for first display, the internal table contains the correct values, however. Upon entry to the 2nd document, the container and the grid are initial, and are created as the module proceeds. If the user exits the transaction completely, then re-enters the transaction, the display will be correct, but we have no way to enforce this. We've tried free for the container and the grid, that just causes abends if the user selects the ALV again in the same document. Can anyone suggest how we can force SAP and the GUI to display the current table contents, rather than the prior document contents? Code:

IF gr_cstm_cntr IS not INITIAL.
*  call method gr_cstm_cntr->free.  "doesn't work
  call method cl_gui_cfw=>flush.
*    clear: gr_cstm_cntr,  "doesn't work
*           gr_alv_grid.

* if control is initial
  IF gr_cstm_cntr IS INITIAL.

* create control object
    IF sy-batch NE 'X'.  "allows for batch execution
      CREATE OBJECT gr_cstm_cntr
          container_name = 'ALV_CTRL'.

* create grid object
    CREATE OBJECT gr_alv_grid
        i_parent = gr_cstm_cntr.

* set layout
    PERFORM set_layout.

* set field catalog
    PERFORM set_catalog.

* set events
    PERFORM set_events.

* display ALV
    CALL METHOD gr_alv_grid->set_table_for_first_display
        i_structure_name = 'ZCLST_EDI_EXCEPTION_ALV'
        is_layout        = gs_layout
        it_fieldcatalog  = gt_fcat
        it_outtab        = gt_alv_output[].  "correct content

* else if control already set
* refresh display.
    CALL METHOD gr_alv_grid->refresh_table_display
        i_soft_refresh = ' '
        finished       = 1
        OTHERS         = 2.