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Jan 24, 2011 at 11:04 AM

Creating UserTables usind DI API on MSSQL 2008.


Hey experts,

I already searched almost the whole forums, but I did not find any solution for my problem.

I want to create a user table from the DI API, but for some reason SAP does not execute my request. Basicly I am creating this user table from a transaction. Everytime I call an operation over the user table instance it returns

Error -1121: MetaData operations are not supported when a user transaction is active

My code looks something like this:

UserTablesMD oUserTables = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(BoObjectTypes.oUserTables) as UserTablesMD;
int iRet = 0;

// Check, if the table already exists
if (!oUserTables.GetByKey(m_strName))
	// In case the table does not yet exist add it
	oUserTables.TableName = m_strName;
	oUserTables.TableType = m_oType;
	oUserTables.TableDescription = m_strDescription;

	// Add the table
	iRet = oUserTables.Add();
	// In case it exists do only update it
	oUserTables.TableType = m_oType;
	oUserTables.TableDescription = m_strDescription;

	// Update the table
	iRet = oUserTables.Update();

if (iRet != 0)
	// Log things, exception handling, ...
	// Note: iRet is -1121 for both cases!
else if (oCompany.InTransaction)

The problem apparently is not caused by some specific patch-level, but it only occured on MSSQL 2008 servers.

I hope you have got any suggestions! Thank you all,

- Carsten.