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Open a tabStrip with a treeNode

Struggling here, I know I must just be overlooking it but I've got a treeNode and I want to open a tab from my tabStrip by clicking on the treeNode.

I was doing this by just calling the page and passing a parameter however by doing this I was overiding the tabStrip and then by clicking on the tabs itself they would no longer open.

First question: is it possible?

Second question: If it is how can I go from the treeNode to the tab without reloading the page?

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    Posted on Jul 09, 2004 at 10:34 AM

    Only takes a bit of more looking I guess...

    Here is what I have and what I am trying to do - just to give a bit more detail.

    < xhtmlb: tabStrip id="details">

    < xhtmlb: tabStripItem id="clients" >


    < /xhtmlb: tabStripItem>

    < xhtmlb: tabStripItem id="info" >

    here not

    < /xhtmlb: tabStripItem>

    < /xhtmlb: tabStrip>

    < htmlb:tree id="menutree"


    title="Quick Links"

    width="220px" >

    < htmlb:treeNode id="info"

    text="General Info"

    tooltip="General Info" >

    < /htmlb:treeNode>

    < htmlb:treeNode id="clients"

    text="Clients" >

    < /htmlb:treeNode>

    < /htmlb:treeNode >

    When someone clicks the Info or Clients in the tree it should open the appropriate tab. The only way I got this to work was to add this to the tabStrip selection="<%=MY_TAB%>" and trap the value from the menu by adding this to the treeNode link="page.htm?my_tab=[name]" however when I do this I can no longer click the individual tabs anymore.

    I found this on the German docs:


    event = CL_HTMLB_MANAGER=>get_event_ex( runtime->server->request ).

    if event IS NOT INITIAL AND event->event_name = CL_XHTMLB_TABSTRIP=>CO_EVENT_NAME.


    tabstrip ?= event.


    So the question/answer would be to first grab the value from here and when it's not there grab it from the url ?? I will of course try this and post the results here.

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    • Former Member Brian McKellar

      So you shall receive the screen shots perhaps even as a weblog - all depends on the boss you know - not sure how they feel completely about 100% sharing 😊

      OK off for a needed vacation now!