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Jan 24, 2011 at 06:41 AM

Error"Deficit of PU IR quantity 1.000 KG"



Pl go through the below scenario.

1) I have 2qty in PO.

2) GR and MIRO have been done for 1qty.

3) After some days I have did GR for balance qty of 1 and I have accept the qty through QA11.

4) After that we found material is defected so that I have done 322 mov. And again stock comes into quality that time system generates UD for that.

Next Iu2019m trying to do reject from QA11 that time system ask to enter PO no and have entered PO and line item but system is giving me error u201CDeficit of PU IR quantity 1.000 KGu201D.

Is it right process to reject material? Donu2019t know Iu2019m following right process or not because Iu2019m new to QM module.

Note- I know OMBZ setting but I dont want to use that setting... Rejection is allowed even though the corresponding invoice for the goods receipt document has already been posted.