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Jan 23, 2011 at 10:21 AM

Next Inspection Date in case of Mov. Type: 309



During Transfer posting using Mov. Type: 309, (Inspection Type: 08) the Next Inspection Date is coming as per our logic of UD Date + 365 (Inspection Interval maintained in Material Mst.).

But our requirement if that, the Next Inspection Date in case of transferred material must be same as from which transfer has been done.

e.g. suppose material ABC is received with GR (Mov. Type:101) and its Its Next Inspection date is coming as 01/01/2012 (as its UD was done on 01/01/2011 + 365 (Inspection Interval maintained in Mtrl Mst).

When we transfer this material to XYZ (with Mov. Type:309), its Next Inspection Date is required that of ABC (01/01/2012). But, as per present logic it is coming UD Date + 365 Days = 23/01/2012 (i.e. if UD is performed on 23/01/2011).

How can I do that ?