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Former Member
Jan 23, 2011 at 06:55 AM

Acquisition Query


Hi All,

I am having 2 quesries relating to Acquisition of assets i.e.

1) When I am doing an additional acquisition to the main asset number i.e. new hard drive to an old PC with a sub number the capitalisation date should be different from the main asset acqusition date, but system is taking the same date as of main asset date. I am taking same depreciation key for this sub asset. Howto get the actual sub asset acquisition date & ordinary depreciation date?

2) Procedure for add depreciation to the main asset after the acquisition manually.

3) Config for Expected realisation value for IFRS: For example: An asset is having Acquisition value of 100000 for 5years. But I want to use a realised value 15000. I want only depreciate 85000 for 5 years in IFRS.

Please suggest