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Jan 23, 2011 at 05:31 AM

Stock not getting posted to QI stock when received against an STO


Hello Guruz,

The scenario is an STO (Stock transport order) with inspection setup active in the receiving plant. Inspection types 01-Goods receipt insp. for purchase order & 08-Stock transfer inspection are activated for the material in the receiving plant.

And for both the inspection types, the 'post to insp. stock' tick-box is ticked.

The QM proc is activated, QM Control Key - 0005 (Delivery release, certificate) in the receiving plant.

The problem am facing is that the when i try to create an STO, the stock type is getting defaulted as Unrestricted and not QI Stock.

The inspection set up was maintained before the creation of the STO, but still the stock type in delivery tab in the STO is getting defaulted as 'Unrestricted Stock'.

Please advice whether any setup / master data is missing in the case.