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Jan 22, 2011 at 11:44 PM

Different Keys of DSO transformation nullfy record info with RecordMode 'R'


Two DSOs: DSO1 and DSO2 and we load data from DSO1 to DSO2

DSO1 has the following fields:

Delivery Doc Number (Key field), Delivery Doc Item (Key field), SO (data field), SO Item(data field), Delivery Quantity(data field)

DSO2 has the following fields:

SO(Key field), SO Item(Key field), Delivery Doc Number (data field), Delivery Item (data field), Delivery Quantity (data field)

The problem is a record with Record Mode = 'R' in DSO will be transferred to DSO2 and makes this record in DSO2 only contains SO/SO Item values, all other field values are set to null. Or in other word, a cancelled Delivery also causes it's corresponding SO cancelled which is absoluted incorrect!

We are thinking out a solution to place some coding in the start routine to overcome this problem. Maybe to verify if Record Mode ='R', then set it as a null value? But null value for Record Mode means After Image, not sure if it works or not. Anyone's idea is greatly appreciated!