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Former Member
Jan 22, 2011 at 12:26 PM

sheduled rwrd rule. how should this work?


Dear gurus!

It's not clear for me how a sheduled rwrd rule should be set up and how it should behave.

I created the rwrd rule group and the rwrd rule with "Standard (Timed) (Expert Mode)" type.

the "regular" (not sheduled) rule statement is created to change the specified dynamic attribute which is assigned to the loyalty program. This works fine.


I chose "daily" frequency for the rule and created sheduled statement with the "edit sheduled rule" button. This statement targeted to reset the specified dynamic attribute if it is greater than 0.

The rule behaviour is quite strange for me: at the specified time several "timed execution" activities for different memberships were created. Some of them were processed ok others were processed with Error: No eligible rwrd rules. BUT in all cases the dynamic attribute was not reset.

Can somebody describe the right way to setup sheduled rwrd rules?

Sincerely, Ivan.