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Jan 22, 2011 at 08:29 AM

Manual CUP provisioning


We are using CUP (BO AC 5.3 SP14) with role provisioning via SAP CUA. Whenever there is a system upgrade etc on our CUA systems, we would prefer if any role requests could be "put on hold" in CUP, ie keep all workflow functionality but just not provision the role to the user in the last step. There are also other reasons why we during certain periods would like to control when roles are provisioned from CUP to SAP

When turning off "Auto provision at end of each path" the system completes all workflow steps without problems, but the request is closed and the role not assigned in SAP

Just turning off "Role auto provisioning" does not fulfill our requirements, as this assigns the role to the user in SAP but do not run the last user compare step

So, is there any way to manually trigger/import the role assignment from CUP request database that have been approved in e.g the last 12h, or since the last manual import (delta)?

Many thanks