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Jan 22, 2011 at 05:12 AM

Product Cost Planing (Overhead calculation)


Dear experts,

I am trying to do standard cost estimate in CK11N.

The scenario is there are two types of material which are used to produce a product.

example, Material A and B is needed to produce Material C.

I have maintained procurement type E in the material master C.

The moving avg price for Material A is Rs 500 and moving avg price for Material B is Rs 1000.

I have included both the material in the relevant BOM for material C.

When I run Standard cost estimate it gives me

Cost of Good manufacture 1500

Cost of goods sold as 1500


I wanted to include the overhead cost in the Cost of production of material C. Which does not

seem to be happening. Any check that I can do to find the exact problem?

The costing sheet has been assigned with the right overhead rates and its linked to the costing variant.

Please let me know if in particular i need to check to trigger the problem.