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Jan 22, 2011 at 05:07 AM

Performance management with ESS and no MSS??


Hello Gurus,

I have a very peculiar scenario regarding and ESS/MSS.

Let me first post our requirments:

We have implemented all modules of HR along with OM and now in the process of implementing Performance Management along with ESS only . I am stressing on ESS only here with NO MSS functionality.

Now my question it really possible in the first place to have a performance management functionality without MSS and just with standalone ESS? If yes, what are the options that I have to configure the performance management system and the ESS system so that the workflows for Planning, Rating an employee, and Approvals regarding appraisals can be achieved??

Is it possible to assign an ESS role to the manager and then when the manager logs in ESS, he/she can go ahead with the performance management process and can check employees just like the way it happens in MSS?

Thanks a lot for your time.

Best Regards.