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Jan 22, 2011 at 12:11 AM

Creating a flag based formula for Dimension


Greetings everyone,

Hopefully this is simple answer. I have two dimensions "A" and "B" and a measure "C", where "B" is many to one attribute of "A", I would like to create a Flag formula in context that can characterise if a certain attribue of "B" is within "A".

For example:

"A" "B" "C" "MY FLAG"

ABC 123 12.31 Y

BCD 123 10.54 Y

BCD 104 107.83 Y

BCD 105 11.32 Y

DCE 101 11.30 N

DCE 102 11.54 N

DCE 125 12.00 N

Pseudo Formula "MY FLAG" = If ("B" InList ("104";"123") In "A") "Y";"N") - however this formula creates "#multivalue" error.

Would like to use this flag as global indicator for other tables/ reports.