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Jan 21, 2011 at 06:58 PM

Restructuring CE4xxxx in CO-PA ?!


Hello to all,

the data in a CO-PA installtion I am working on looks like this:

CE1xxxx about 69 million records

CE2xxxx ??

CE3xxxx about 63 million records

CE4xxxx about 111 million record

Rebuilding of the summarization levels after we added new characteristics lasted for a whole week. The performance of reports is dissatisfying (even with the use of summarization levels). After the fist view to the customizing of the profitability analysis I mentioned the following: in KEQ3 ALL characteristics are selected to bulild PA-objects, incl. sales order KAUFN and order RKAUFNR. I asked my customer why they selected all characteristcs in KEQ3, the answer was something like this: "Wow?! Really?! Is it like this?! Hm, that might be a main reason for the bad performance in our CO-PA." (Yes, exactely. That's what I think as well.)

So the problem is recognized - but does that lead to a solution ?? I could take out in KEQ3 all the characteristics, that are not used in reporting, e.g. KAUFN and RKAUFNR. But that would not change the existing data volume. I told my customer, that when wie change the settings in KEQ3, the new postings to PA will generate less PA-objects. And after four or five years, after the old records where archived, the problem would be solved automatically. The customer is not happy with this answer - not really 😔

So this is my idea (perhaps a little naive, I am functional consultant for CO only, with only little knowledge in data bases and in programming): we change the settings in KEQ3 and take our KAUFN, RKAUFNR and other characteristics that are not relevant for reporting. We throw away CE3xxxx and CE4xxxx completely. Then we build up CE3xxxx and CE4xxxx from the line items in CE1xxxx and CE2xxxx. When we do this reorganization we have to make sure that the PA-object numbers are not taken from CE1xxxx and CE2xxxx, but that the PA-object numbers are generated completely from scratch

Did anybody out there do something like this before? What where your experiences?

Kind regards from Germany


PS: When I am not mistaken rebuilding CE3xxxx is discirbed in SAP notes, but not rebuilding CE4xxxx. Besides others, I know this two notes already:

93051 - Restructuring the segment level from line items

113050 - Segment table repair after realignments