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Jan 21, 2011 at 03:20 PM

Cutover disaster recovery


Hi all,

This question is specific to the scenario of a cutover in a IS-utility (fall back strategy). The scenario is: consider a utility compnay going live on ISU. The SAP ERP was already running in the company. The thing is when the company starts to bring ISU to go live they want to run ERP integrated with ISU in the same server machine.Thus they have to close ERP system for the period when ISU is going live. The time when they go live after migration some un-forseen circumstances make the ISU cutover go bad. Thus they have to close ISU for now and rewoke ERP again until they figure out a way out of the problem.

My question is when we are migarting using emigall/ISMW we are running the objects in create mode. If the cutover went bad and the only change to the ERP is the migrated objects of ISU, in order to reverse the migrated data can we run the objects of the same migration file under delete mode. Will this make the ERP go back to what it was before migration?

waiting for your answers