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Jan 21, 2011 at 02:04 PM

Lead selection issues with item box



I have a requirement, where i am using two contextual panel UI element and inside the contextual area of both ,item list ui element is placed.

I have enabled the multiple selection for both item list box.If user selects multiple records say from item list box A and press a button then these selected values should be created in item list box B and at the very sametime it should be deleted from item list box A .

As of now what i did is .

i used get_element_count ,and looped that many times and inside the loop i am checking with is_selected method and if its true i am using get_attribute and the creating element in second node which is part of item list box B and setting the attribute and finally binding the context element to node.

The issue right now i am facing is,suppose i select 3 or any record from item list box A and press the button,its creating element in item list box B with the first element of item list box A.