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Jan 21, 2011 at 12:11 PM

1 sided journal in PCA


Hi Gurus, heres a bit of a brain teezer I need some help with.

We have discovered an FI doc in the previous fiscal year that appears to not have had a PCA doc created. I understand the correct way to deal with these is to run 1KE8 which can repost the PCA doc from the FI doc.

This transaction doesn't appear to have any output posting date options, so I am guessing it will post into last year.

My cunning plan was to use 9KE0 to do a PCA jnl in last year to take it out, and then re-enter it into our current period. Unfortunately in testing, 9KE0 is telling me I need to balance the document. Since the document Dr was to Debtors (balance sheet) and we dont have PCA balance sheets, the natural PCA do that gets created is just a sided entry for the Cr to the P/L account.

I therefore need to be able to change the posting date on the 1KE8 posting, which I don't think I can do, or do a 1 sided PCA jnl to get round the date problem.

Has anybody got an idea how I can do that?