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Jan 21, 2011 at 11:43 AM

Issue with Keyfigure Authorizations



We are facing some issue with Key figure authorizations.

We have 2 Infoproviders X and Y and both has the Key figure u2018KF1u2019.

The requirement is for the queries on Infoprovider u2019Xu2019, we should be able to see the keyfigure u2018KF1u2019 and for the queries on Infoprovider u2018Yu2019, we should restrict the same keyfigure u2018KF1u2019.

For this we have created 2 roles using Analysis Authorizations, one with access to queries on u2018Xu2019 and access to u2018KF1u2019 and the other with access to queries on u2018Yu2019 and restricting the access to u2018KF1u2019. These 2 roles are working fine when assigned individually.

When we merge these 2 roles i.e. if we assign the 2 roles to same user, when he executes query on Y he is able to see the KF1 which ideally he shouldnu2019t have access to.

With the new concept of Authorizations in BI 7.0, We are able to restrict the characteristics w.r.t Infoprovider i.e. we can implement analysis authorizations such that the same characteristic is visible in query on Infoprovider u2018Xu2019 and not visible in Infoprovider u2018Yu2019. In case of characteristics these roles are working fine even when both the roles are assigned to the same user.

But in case of Key figures we are not able to implement the same.

Please let me know if there is any way to implement this.