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Jan 21, 2011 at 11:24 AM

how to make schedule and start condition trigger simultaneously in sspfcadm


Hi ,

I have a case , where a mail should be triggered at status change from E0007ZDCRHEAD to E0008ZDCRHEAD, and the sender of the mail should one who changed it from E007 to E0008.

so , i wrote schedule condition like this

&CRM Service Process.User Status& = E0008ZDCRHEAD

and &CRM Service Process.ErrorFreeFlag& = X

and start condition as

&CRM Service Process.User Status& = E0008ZDCRHEAD .

and action merging as Max. 1 Unprocessed Action for Each Action Definition , this action merging i have chosen because to trigger mail as many times as the status is into E0008.

but , when the status is changed to E0008 and saved ,condition is being scheduled and waiting( i can see this in action tab), but start condition is not meeting until we press save button twice.

Can you please let me know , how to solve this .

the mail should be triggered from the person who have the changed the status into E008.

and also the other requirement is as the many times the status is in E0008 that many times , the mail should be triggered .

and also sap note 1275036 and 865619 is not working .

can you please help me in this regard..

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