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Jan 21, 2011 at 09:59 AM

Extraction of Timestamp with Day Light Saving into BI



I'm extracting a date value which is saved a timestamp in CRM. I read this timestamp from CRM_ORDER_READ function module.

When the 'Day Light Saving' is turned on in the UK, the date value is stored in the timestamp considering this day light saving.


01st April 2010 (01.04.2010) is saved as '31.03.2010 23:00:00'

01st May 2010 (01.05.2010) is saved as '30.04.2010 23:00:00'

When this value is extracted into BI PSA it comes as '20100331230000' and '20100430230000'. The SAP BI provides 'Date' and 'Time' fields separately, which means that when I map this value to a Date InfoObject it is stored as '20100331' and '20100430'. Which means the actual date of:

01st April 2010 is stored as '31.03.2010' and

01st May 2010 is stored as '30.04.2010'.

How can this be avoided? Is there any function module in CRM that can handle the DST (day light saving) and pass on the correct date?

Or is there any way in BI transformations that I can handle this DST dates?

Many thanks.