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Jan 21, 2011 at 09:23 AM

connection from Linux BO server to Essbase cube



I have a desktop with Essbase client 9.3.1 installed. I can connect to the Essbase cube using XLS add-in. I can create a universe with a working/responding connection on top of the OLAP cube and I can use the universe and create a report that retrieves data in DeskI on the same desktop PC.

Now, I export the universe to the BO repository of BO XI 3.1 SP3. When I want to create a report in WebI using this universe I am getting this error:

A database error occured. The database error text is: Failed to initialize the Essbase API. Verify that an appropriate Essbase client version is installed.. (WIS 10901)

However, when I login to the BO server (it's a Linux box) with Putty and when I try the connection from the BO server to the Essbase server using either ESSCMD (Essbase Command Mode Interface, release 9.3.1) or using essmsh (Essbase MaxL Shell, release 9.3.1) and using the exactly same credentials that are used in the universe connection, then there is a connection and I can see the list of available application databases (cubes).

The question is, why BO can't connect to the Essbase server when a report is built in WebI?

Do you have and idea?

Please note that the connection to the Essbase server (either with ESSCMD, or essmsh or in the universe connection) uses a custom port (20300) and not the default one. That's how the Essbase server and the database was installed and configured. Can this be a culprit if, for instance, BO tries to use a default port (1423?) for connecting to Essbase eventhough the port 20300 is specified in the universe connection?

Please help if you know what to check, where to look.

Thank you.

My environment:

BO XI 3.1 SP3 on a Linux server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4.6

Essbase client 9.3.1 on both, the BO server as well as the desktop PC

Essbase database 9.3.1