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Jan 21, 2011 at 07:14 AM

direct labor / indirect labor


I was wondering if you can spare some time on this - I am not able to figure out this process

Here we have hourly people who are interfaced with clocks for their attendances ( clock in and out ) into SAP and are processed through positive Time evaluation and paid thru payroll. ( All of this is in SAP and configured and working fine )

These employees are tagged Direct employee and Indirect employee depending on the kind of work ( direct labor and indirect labor ) they do. ( all production related works are direct labor and Indirect labor are Non production activities like cleaning, sweeping the floor, setting up machinery etc )

Normally Direct employees do direct labor and indirect employees do indirect labor.

When direct employees do direct Labor - They go to a specific GL account ( direct employee direct labor)

When Indirect employees do indirect labor - they go to a specific GL account ( indirect employee - indirect labor )

But they can do the other way too ( direct employee - indirect labor , indirect employee - direct labor )

This is considered at the work center level.

so the combinations go default work center / cost center - Direct employee - direct labor, default work center / cost center - indirect employee - indirect labor, default work center - direct employee - indirect labor , default work center /cost center - indirect employee, direct labor and so .. considering cross work center .. there are about 10 odd combinations ( that is 10 different GL accounts to be charged to )

this is done for the product cost purposes and for the labor utilization reporting.

All this process is now done in Geneva which is their legacy time recording system and the time administrators key in these details

If there is a clock in and out - there is a field in Geneva which makes up these number ( default work center / cost center - Direct employee - direct labor ) work center - 1001 direct employee is 01 and direct labor is 01D

that makes the default GL account as 1001-01-01D

so say for an employee a record from Geneva ( Time keeping system ) goes into Cyborg ( HR and Payroll system ) with clock in - clock out and then this whole GL account number which uses this for posting purposes

The whole process has nothing to do with Payroll he would be paid - with one wage type which is generated from time evaluation.

How do I replicate this process ? because this is tagged with the clock in and out - the expectation for the client is to tag the same details in SAP as well ( I am using 2011 infotype to capture clock in and out and using TM00 for evaluation and generating wage types for regular pay , Over time and all that stuff ).

Until now CATS is out of scope , but if this can be achieved through CATS with User exits / enhancements - such solution is also OK

Please let me know your comments / thoughts

I cannot appreciate enough for your time .

Thanks a ton