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Jan 21, 2011 at 01:24 AM

Schedule Finished Product According to Availability of subassembly


Dear Expert,

I need your Help regarding this issue :

Demand Quantity ; 50 PC for Product P-200 Required in 17.01.2011 at Location 2011

Dependent Demand : 50 PC for Product R-100 Produced in another location at location 2012

When i run PP/DS by TC /SAPAPO/CDPSB0 i found PlOrd Created for P-200 starting Date :

21.01.2011 and End 26.01.2011

Second PlOrd Created for R-100 starting in :

21.01.2011 and End 26.01.2011

The order Should be started for P-200 in 27.01.2011 , after finishing of the assembly order for (R-100)

Please Advise How you can Handel This Issue

Your Help Very Appreciated