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Jan 20, 2011 at 11:41 PM

missing language dependent html file


we are doning a migrate project. migrating a SAP 4.7 system and an ITS 6.20 from our outsourced company. We have a strange problem. This appliction is for German users, so the service file has ~language set to 'De'. the global.srvc file has ~language field blank. there is a language independent file in 'templates\essstart\99\ess_start_407_100.html' file. for some reason, when we run that service in the ITS system we have set up, after login, we got error rc=0x2101, complaining about language dependent version of that file not found. if we login in En, we got error: ess_start_407_100_en.html not found. if we login in De, we got error: ess_start_407_100_De.html not found. but in the outsourced system, there are no such en.html or de.html file either, but there is no error. Does anybody know why those files get called in our ITS system? all the services are published from with 4.7 system, in SE80, there is no such _en or _de.html file exist either, so they are not supposed to exist, but why do they get called? Anybody has any idea?


Jane Zhou