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Former Member
Jan 20, 2011 at 09:52 PM

Delete Obsolete Combinations (CVCs)



Anyone worked on SCM 5.1 or 7.0 System ? If so, on the new functionality in MC62, to delete Obsolete Combinations ?

We are planning just to upgrade to 7.0 because of this feature. If anyone used it, I want to clarify my doubts.

1) will this option generate (before deletion itself) a list of all CVCs which have no data at all ?

2) Does It show only if all KFs should have no data ? or is there a chance to select few KFs not having data and display them for deletion (no numbers in history/future for the KFs) ?

For Ex: If KFs A/B/C not having data and if other KFs have some data, we don't care, we can delete the A/B/C).

3) Can we expect after every month roll over, to generate some 100s to be deleted, as those CVCs fall out of Initialized period, so we want to delete them. we generate new CVCs around 2000 every month. So I expect atleast 250 falling out of initialised horizon every month.

Can anyone explain these 3 features to me..