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Jan 20, 2011 at 07:17 PM

Asynch/synch scenario w/ Adapter Modules - NullPointerException


Hello folks,

I'm implementing a Asynch/synch scenario (File -> RFC -> Mail) using the Adapter Modules RequestResponseBean & ResponseOnewayBean. I've configured the modules & paremeters as per the links below.

[Configuring the Async/Sync Bridge in the Sender JMS Adapter|]

[File - RFC - File without a BPM - Possible from SP 19|File - RFC - File without a BPM - Possible from SP 19.;

[File-RFC-File(Without BPM)|]

I got the following error when I configured the module parameters exactly as in the above wiki

MP: exception caught with cause Value of key must not be null: ObjectId

Then I added the module parameters 'adapterType' & 'adapterNamespace' for ResponseOnewayBean. The above error got resolved but resulted in a different error on the receiver Mail adapter.

failed to send mail: java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method of an object loaded from local variable 'senderParty'

However, the mail is being sent. Because of the error the file adapter is unable to delete the file after processing.

When I use the same mail adapter in another File to Mail Asynch scenario, I see no such error. I believe the error has got something to do with ResponseOnewayBean.

I've implemented such scenario a few times at my past clients, but did not face any issues with them.

Did anyone get such error? Please help in resolving this error.

thx in adv


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