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Jan 20, 2011 at 06:20 PM

Java Stack Tables: XI_AF_MSG


Hi Experts,

I know that inorder to get count of the messages in Java Stack XI_AF_MSG we perform SELECT COUNT (*) FROM XI_AF_MSG

Note: 872388 as this cannot be viewed via SE16.

I want to develop a tool which will access this XI_AF_MSG table and periodically display status of the messages in a Display monitor. using ODBC connectivity to the DB directly.

Q1. Is it ok to build up the Scripting tool to access the table and display information in READ ONLY MODE (like: Number of System error messages, total messages in a day..etc).

Q2. is it like we are not supposed to access this table manually as its SAP system table. (which i doubt as in the note 872388 they have specifically asked us to connect to table using external DB clients).

Q3. will it breach contract with SAP if we do this scripting/Stored procedure.

Q4. Is there a alternate solution for this.

Waiting for your suggestions. Hope PI experts help me on this.