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Jan 20, 2011 at 04:42 PM

Parallel Split / Uncontrolled Merged - Human activities don' disappear



I am modelling a BPM process, where users can perform approvals via 2 "channels". The first "approve-option" is a Human activity (-> UWL-Task), second is another application, calling an Intermediate Message Event WebService of the process.

I modelled it using a parallel split with 2 branches (first contains the Human activity, second contains the Intermediate Message Event). By using an Uncontroled Merge after that, I want to make sure that the process continues if ONE of the two approval-options is used.

Now I am facing the problem, that the Human activity (UWL task) still appears after the Intermediate Messaging Event has been called. When looking at the Flash Process Diagramm, it shows me that the process instance continued after the uncontrolled merge (-> good), but there is still a "green dot" pointing on the Human activity (-> bad ;).

I want the Human activity to be kind of "skipped" by the BPM engine when the process flow continues, triggered by the other branch (Intermediate Msg Event).. Is there a better way of modelling such kind of scenarios or did I maybe miss something?

Thanx in advance!!!