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Jul 05, 2004 at 02:29 PM

Authentication and authorization for a custom connector


I have the following problem: I have a software which tries to connect with the server through its own custom RMI connector.

So I have the RMI Connector deployed via Mlet-Service. I have written a small TestClient and can get a RemoteMBeanServer with RemoteMBeanServer rs = getRemoteMBeanServer(), but if I try to call something like rs.getMBeanCount() I get : Caller Guest not authorized, only role administrators is allowed to access JMX

So the WebAS considers someone who tries to connect with this connector as guest. How do can I get authentication and autorization to access the JMX parts? The manual seems only to cover JSP and webapplications, where it is possible to configure a role for them. I only have this connector.jar, configuration and mlet-file.

I still have the option to use JAAS authentication with this connector, then I have to configure it differently and, the more difficult, to implemend

a method "public Subject authenticate(Object credentials)" where credentials are two Strings with user and passwd. But I am not quite sure how to fill the Subject with useful information.

Thanks in advance