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Jan 20, 2011 at 03:31 PM

Servlet Usage on .JSP



I set up a webpage with a button calling a .JSP of an MII Project.

Inside this .JSP page I would like to add a SERVLET. I would like this servlet ran a certain Query Template.

I would also like to get the result of the query execution (server-side) and have some value (of the resultset) to be displayed client side.

I tried adding in my .JSP BODY something like this without getting any result:

<SERVLET NAME="TableInputData">

<PARAM NAME="QueryTemplate" VALUE="QueryPath/QueryName">

<PARAM NAME="Content-Type" VALUE="text/xml">

<PARAM NAME="Param.1" VALUE="First">

<PARAM NAME="Param.2" VALUE="Second">

<PARAM NAME="Param.3" VALUE="Third">

<PARAM NAME="Param.4" VALUE="Fourth">


Query Template is ok if I test it alone.

I'm not sure if SERVLET is executed server-side and especially how to access query resultset (this could be a way to check about execution)

I also tried with this (I found it somewhere, not fully understanding the meaning):

<SERVLET NAME="Illuminator">

<PARAM NAME="QueryTemplate" VALUE="QueryPath/QueryName">

<PARAM NAME="Server" VALUE="Simulator">

<PARAM NAME="Mode" VALUE="Taglist">


Cannot I simply try to execute a MII SQL Query server-side calling my own servlet in .JSP page?

What is correct "Servlet Template" to be used and fundamental parameters?

Best Regards