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Former Member
Jan 20, 2011 at 03:08 PM

How to remove Unit of Measure from Query Results


Hi All,

We are running a SAP BI Query (SAP BI 7) and the query displays the key figure (Restricted key figure based on 0QUANTITY) but it also displays the Unit of Measure i.e which is Employees (EPL) as part of the result.

i.e 15 EPL

We would like to remove the "EPL" to just show the base figure i.e "15" only not "15 EPL".

I know that this can be achieved by using the NODIM() formula and putting the Restricted Key Figure inside this formula as a new Calculated Key figure but would like to know if it is possible by any setting rather than using NODIM().

The Key Figure is part of a structure of many other key figures and it would be useful to know if it can be done without using NODIM() formula.

Thankyou kindly in advance.