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Jan 20, 2011 at 01:01 PM

Remote client copy (SCC9) from Quality to Developement


Hi Guys,

We are planning to do the remote client copy (SCC9) from Quality to Developement, we have run test run of the client copy,According to resource analysis required (KB) is 992.807.950 and also we have rin the program RSTABLESIZE to check the client size and result is as floows

*19.01.2011 Test Program for Determining Table Sizes 1*

*State of Table Analysis: 19.01.2011 17:07:12*

**Table: ***

*Compress Cluster:*

*Not Delivery Class L: X*

*Not Delivery Class A:*

*Client: 600 1.707.738.658,50 kByte*

The result of the program RSTABLESIZE is 1.707.738.658,50 kByte and resource analysis in SCC3 is 992.807.950 KB ,So,does that mean we required 1.6TB of database size in target system ?

We want to know how space will be required in the traget database and also how much system space will reqiured for the log files (i.e. /usr/sap/trans)


Basis Team