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Jan 20, 2011 at 12:35 PM

missed fileds from data source To Target


hi experts ,thanks for Your quick response,

I would have gone in wrong track.

1. Data had been intialilsed from April 2009 to dec.2020.

2. Delta is runnig from data source (0fi_gl_4 )to DSO (0FIGL_O02).

3.PSA deletion is not being done since April 2009. so all the requests since 1 year are present in PSA.

4.Its a Daily delta load so, we also have the request in DSO.

Now, My scenario is :

suppose My data source(0fi_gl_4) had 100 fileds. I had only mapped 90 fileds to my dso.Where ii am missing the remaining 10 fileds since 2009 April.Now my requirment is to how to i map those missing 10 fileds to a new DSO. with out disturbing the existing Flow to 0FIGL_O02.

Note: Our flow from 0fi_gl_4 to 0figl_o02 is 3.x.

As we are upgraded we do have BI 7.0 ,so can create a flow in 7.0 for the NEW DSO to be created.

Please let me know if there are any other alternate solution s available for getting those missing 10 fields