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Jan 20, 2011 at 10:16 AM

Implement ENHANCEMENT -POINTS and SECTIONS in own ABAP programs



is it possible to use ENHANCEMENT-POINTS and SECTIONS in own ABAP-Programs?

We develop some products for our customers. Sometimes a customer needs to enhance/change our code.

So my question is if we can use ENHANCEMENT -POINTS and SECTIONS in our own programs to give a customer the possibility to change/enhance our code.

I have tested this in a small program. My problem was that we could not create our own spots in our own package. It seems that a spot could only be created in SAP packages (Message: Object can only be created in SAP package)

For example we want to do the following:



If we do so we have to register the object R3TR / ENHS / TEST_EH at SAP that means we need an Access key from SAP.

So it seems to us that it is not possible to use ENHANCEMENT-POINTS and SECTIONS in own programs because it is necessary to register the ENHS at SAP and to use SAP packages.

So we are looking for a solution that we can deploy to our customers.