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Jan 20, 2011 at 08:18 AM

SAP PI in a cloud


Hi all,

I am wondering for quite some time now, if it's possible to have SAP PI in a cloud. When looking at cloud computing the biggest issue is security. One of the main things I could not solve in theory is: Segregated data and Own Identity.

When we would run SAP PI in a cloud and a customer wants to look at his own messages then I think this is not possible, because all messages are going over the integration server and basicly there is one integration server per SAP instance. So to my opion the only way to solve this is, is to put an extra layer on top of SAP PI (custom made) and when the user logs in, it will only see his own messages.

Futher more, I don't see the need of customers having to see mappings and/or routing. Because when running SAP PI in a cloud customers wants to move messages from A to B and how it works, basicly not interested for them. So to request for a new mapping or even to set up new parties must be done by the owner of the SAP PI system.

Another point of attention are the adapters when a message gets stuck we need to prevent that other clients which are using the same adapter are not bothered with that and their messages still needs to be processed. Haven't found a good solution for preventing this.

Still remains the question is it possible within standard SAP PI to give each customer it's own identity and segregate the data?

I am looking forward to all your comments and idea's about this subject.