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Data Lookup with XI mapping.


I am trying to write a user define function to do a data

lookup by calling an RFC function. I am trying this out as per the document available in SDN namely "How to Perform SAP Data Lookups Within XI Mappings". The user defined function does not compile and give me the following error. Can someone help me out with this problem.

Compilation error

D:/usr/sap/X3A/DVEBMGS31/j2ee/cluster/server0/./temp/classpath_resolver/Map370955f0cc2311d8959a00d0b77fc64c/source/com/sap/xi/tf/ package does not exist

import;import;import java.util.;import; import java.lang.reflect.;import;


D:/usr/sap/X3A/DVEBMGS31/j2ee/cluster/server0/./temp/classpath_resolver/Map370955f0cc2311d8959a00d0b77fc64c/source/com/sap/xi/tf/ package JCO does not exist



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2 Answers

  • Posted on Jul 29, 2004 at 09:08 PM

    Hi Jayanth,

    Did you import the file to XI correctly as an Archive zip?????



    SAP Netwaver RIG-XI

    SAP Labs LLC, USA

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  • Posted on Aug 03, 2004 at 01:15 PM

    Hallo Jayanthan,

    I guess you have XI3.0;

    please check OSS note # 753294:


    A message mapping contains a user-defined function that uses a class

    from the "", "sapxmltoolkit" or ""

    library. An error stating that the source code contains syntax errors

    occurs when you test or activate the message mapping. When you use a

    class from "", the system reports, for example, "package does not exist".

    This error only occurs in systems containing a Support Package lower

    than 5.

    Other terms

    Mapping, JCO, logging, XML tools, compilation

    Reason and Prerequisites

    You must specify the libraries in the class path of the compiler.


    Import Support Package 5 or higher.

    You can use the following workaround as a short-term solution: Upload

    the library that is referenced in the message mapping into the software

    component of the message mapping as an "imported archive". Do not

    activate the "imported archive" with the library since it is not needed

    for the runtime. The only purpose of the archive is to allow the message

    mapping to be compiled. To avoid version conflicts with newer libraries,

    you should delete the archive again after you import Support Package 5

    or higher.

    In your case this does mean you have to import the jar jrfc.jar which you find in the path

    [j2ee engine instalation directory]\cluster\server0\bin\ext\

    Regards Franz

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