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Jan 20, 2011 at 05:55 AM

u261B An Issue due to 3 Decimal Places in Percentage - Help Required


I've an Issue in BEX report output, which is like when I try to create a 'Percentage' computation on a Key Figure Value, I'm getting 3 decimal places as 'default' output.

The 'Calculations' settings I made for this KF is

> Calculate Result as ... Nothing Defined

> Calculate Single Values as .... Normalize According to Next Group Level Result

> [✔] Apply to results

> Calculation Direction - Along Rows

☹ I ran SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN and set object 'IGNORE_T006_ANDEC' to the value 'X' - Not woking! Should I choose Update/Insert/Delete??

☹ T006-ANDEC & T006-DECAN for '%' has 0 decimal places only. Am I checking the correct stuff?

☹ OSS note 866505 not helpful for my issue. BW 7.0 Stack

I'm getting my output as expected, but the only worrying factor is 3 decimal places due to the 'Calculations'. I'm unable to resolve using existing methods. Should I raise an OSS Note for this?

Please help...