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Jan 19, 2011 at 09:05 PM

'No authorization' error for selection values outside the authorized range


Hi All,

We are currently trying to use the authorization analysis concept for 'Cost center reporting'.

We have made 0COSTCENTER info-object as authorization relevant and have created a analysis authorization object for it through RSECADMIN and we have maintained a single value as '1875' . We have assigned this object to 1 of the test users.

So now if the user runs the report for cost center '1875' , he is able to view the data/report. Now if he enters any other cost center apart from '1875' than he gets an authorization error (Everything works as per requirement till this point).

But now if the user enters multiple cost centers like 1875, 1876, 1877 as multiple single values and runs the report, he gets an 'No authorization error'.

So all the experts, please let me know if it's possible in anyway for the user to see the result/report for the value he is authorized to (in this case - 1875) and should give an information/warning/error message saying that he is not authorized to other cost center (in this case - 1876, 1877).

Same thing is occuring if user enters a range. Suppose a user is authorized for cost center - 1875 to 1880. Now if he puts multiple single values or range in between the authorized range than he can see the result but if he enters even 1 single value outside the range he gets an error - what I mean by this is - if the user enter a range from 1875 to 1801, he does not get any data display but instead he recieves an error message saying 'No authorization' even though he is authorized for all the cost centers in that range except 1801.

I would really appreciate your help regarding this. Any comments/suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks & regards,