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Jan 18, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Has anyone used the IC Interactive scripting editor for the Webclient ?


We originally received the 'Loading %0' message when loading the editor via the IC_MANAGER business role. This was overcome by updating Java (See note 717921).

However, the editor now seesm to working, I can see two examples as standard, but when I click on them I do not see anything. I've ifnored this issue and have started to create my own question and answers in preparation for a script.

However, I have hit a few quirky things while using editor. Am I alone in this, or is this just the way it is.

I'm using the latest version of CRM 7.

If anyone's used this script editor I would dearly like to hear from you, especially in avoiding any upcoming nasties that I may hit.

A perfect example of this kind of problem is in how you create 'Answers'. If I highlight the answer section and click on the 'Create' button I have the options to create the following: Field, Objective script, Question, Action, Button and script, of which none of these are what I want. I can however create a question with an answer section, but of course when it comes to dragging a answer in to the answer box I can't do this as I can't create any answers. Am I missing something?.

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