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Consignment Stock

Hi All,

Can any budy Explain what is Consignment Stock,

How to create PO & MIGO then after Invoice,

What is the Config step involved in Consignment Cycle.

Thanks & regards


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4 Answers

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    Posted on Jan 18, 2011 at 11:11 AM

    Hi There

    Here is the details on consignment stock,,

    Means that material will be available at your factory for the usage, but still the material belongs to vendor, Whenever you procure/Use the material from the consignment stock, liability will arise to the vendor, for the consigned Qty you have to pay to vendaor through MRKO (Qty* Consignment Info Record price)

    For this stock Special stock ind is - K

    Pre Req- Consignment Info Record with Price and Validity preiod

    1. PO: Std PO with Item Category- (K) and maintain the Vendor, material , Qty and Del Date , system will pick up the Valid Info Record proice and rest of the details

    2. At the time of MIGO- Goods Receipt-Purchase Order- system automatically pick the 101-K and do receipt- system will create only the material document, not the acc document

    3. When you need the materials, you can withdraw from consignment stock by 411 K or 201 K to consumbtion for the cost center, in both the cases system will create the acc document and liabilities will arise towards vendor,,

    4. Settlement for the consumed qty will be done on MRKO

    In details as per the internet,,,

    SAP MM Consignment

    SAP Consignment is process wherein you buy the goods from vendor, but donu2019t valuate that stock. Only when goods are withdrawn from your stores, are you liable to your vendor for your payments. Best example would be big TV shop which buys the goods from its vendors for advertising and display purposes and only when they sold, vendor charges him.

    Consignment process in SAP MM is handled through item category in purchasing documentand it has certain prerequisites/steps for consignment process to work.

    1) There must be price maintained in inforecord for consignment (info type 2 in EINE table) for certain material, vendor, purchasing organization and plant.

    Prices need to be maintained in inforecord which will be used when settling liabilities with vendor.(ME11)

    2) Create the Purchase Order with item category K in ME21N to order the goods from vendor for consignment.

    3) On requested delivery date in Purchase Order, do MB01 -101 that is Goods Receipt for above goods on consignment. Again one important point is, you are still not liable to pay your vendor. These goods will not be valuated, accounting document will not be posted unless stock is withdrawn from consignment for your own use.

    4) You withdraw the goods for your own purpose. Like in our example of TV shop, customer buys the TV. So that means shop keeper withdraws the goods from his consignment stock and now vendor will be his liability.

    Goods can be withdrawn in MB1A- 261 and MB1B-411 movement types with special stock indicator K used for consignment

    This will be valuated and will post accounting document. Now consignment stock is actually valuated

    5) Invoice in MIRO is not done in case of consignment process. The liabilities are settled in MRKO for certain period say month, quarter etc.

    Vendor will be paid at price that is maintained in inforecord. As and when required, prices set with vendors must be adjusted in inforecord as well. (ME12). Scales per validity period can be maintained if they vary over period in ME12.

    6) If goods are not withdrawn, you can do 102 or 122 movement types in MB01 with special stock indicator K for consignment to return goods to vendor. Here vendor is not your liability.

    7) Inforecord needs to be maintained for normal as well as standard purchasing organization. Plant dealing in consignment process (to be put in Purchase Order) must be assigned to standard purchasing origination in configuration.

    8) Stock in consignment is seen separately in stock overview MMBE for certain material and plant.

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    Posted on Jan 18, 2011 at 09:28 AM

    Consignment stock : vendor provides the material , we store in our stores , we no need to pay upto we remove from stores, the vendor remains owner for the material untill we take it , when we remove from stores for consumption a liablity arises

    STEPS :

    create consignment info record

    create consignment PO order

    receive goods against PO

    transfer of goods from consignment stock

    liablity arises and payment can be done


    Leo Thilak.MS

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      thanks for reply

      but when we do MIGO then what happened qty or value both are updated & what is accounting entries occured

      what is t.code for invoice verification.

      thanks & regards


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    Posted on Jan 18, 2011 at 09:42 AM

    Hi Rakesh,

    There isnt any IMG configuration for the consignment stock it is available in std SAP.

    as very well explained above, create consignment info record,

    Create PO for the same mtrl and vendor,

    Do GR for the PO, but here the system will not show the mtrl as your mtrl, it will show the matrl as vendors mtrlin MMBE,

    then there are 2 things that can be done:-

    you can do Transfer posting of vendors stock to your own stock and hence forth the vendor liability will be created for the stock quantity being transfere in your account and in MMBE you can view this stock as your own stock,

    the Mvt type will be 411k

    Secondly:-whenever you need the mtrl you can directly issue to the cost centor from the vendors stock via mvt type 201k, and henceforth the vendor liability will be generated for the issued quantity.

    Hope it further helps you.


    Yawar Khan

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    Posted on Jan 18, 2011 at 11:55 AM


    Consignment Info Record

    Consignment Purchase Order

    Goods Receipt with movement type 101K

    Consignment Stock to Own Stock,Transfer posting with movement type 411

    Goods Issue to direct consuption 201K

    Check out the link



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