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Jan 18, 2011 at 01:09 AM

Changing the currency for FM module after two years in PRD system


Hi Guys, I have a situation in my Client and I need your help to solve this new requirement.

My client is located in Colombia, south America and our currency is COP (Colombian Peso).

We implemented FM module two years ago and the Factory had SAP already, so it was a new module to be added in their Core.

The client decided to implement FM module with the currency in US dollars even having the FI (Financial Module) currency in COP (Colombian Peso) and now, after two years with the system even FM u201Con liveu201D, the client wants to change the FM parameterization to have the currency in COP (Colombian Peso) and not in USD any more.

Could anyone give me some information if this change can be done and how is the right procedure to do it?

Any extra documentation would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot

Felipe Uribe

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