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Jan 17, 2011 at 04:03 PM

Precalculation error FEP 13 xPRECALC 13


Hi currently we are using GUI 7.10 BEX FEP13 and xprecalc 13 for the precalculation desktop computers. We have scheduled 200 workbooks every day on two precalculation server with each 4 instances for Multiinstance broadcasting. Almost every workbook is broadcasted ok but there are 5 workbooks which every time fail when broadcasting and the log tells me almost green everywhere. but "Session C6D0D87C1D344D33CFA9000100000000 terminated" with Message no. RSRPREC006

on the precalculation server is red after "Step 2 in precalculation on precalc. server 'PREC_SERV1_PFI' for setting 'R_PL133_RTL'"

The whole error:

Session C6D0D87C1D344D33CFA9000100000000 terminated on the precalculation server

Message no. RSRPREC006


An unexpected error occurred on the precalculation server.

System Response

The workbook that is to be precalculated could not be precalculated.


Stop the precalculation server and restart it.

but stopping and restarting the server did not help. I had a suggestion with the size of the workbook. Because some workbooks have a size explosion when broadcasted.

Does anybody has an idea or a suggestion?

How can i solve this issue?